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Tafraoute mountains

Hotel les amandiers

pool at Hotel Les Amandiers


Finding your Feet

A one week workshop in Tafraout, Morocco
with time for a holiday

3 - 10 February 2018

Do you sometimes feel unsteady on your feet? Is the process of getting from lying to standing more difficult than it could be? Is there a wider sense of not quite knowing where your support is right now?

This week focuses on the process of getting on to our feet. We’ll explore moving from lying to standing in various ways. And we’ll pay attention to finding support through the skeleton, so that the head is fully supported, whether on two feet or one.

Standing can be simple and stable if we use the skeleton and the ground efficiently. This can lead to a more secure sense of self as we interact with the world.


Tafraout, Morocco

Tafraout is an ancient oasis in the Atlas mountains south of Agadir, where Saharan nomads still trade with the local Berber population.

Have a look at this web site for more information:

For travel info, this page is very helpful:



single room: £600
shared room (twin or double): £520

Course plus 7 nights bed and breakfast.
4-star hotel with ensuite, air-conditioned rooms.
Includes meal with group on the first and last nights

(If you book a shared room, you will need to find your own room mate. I can flag it up if you are looking for one.)

Course only, plus meal with group on the first and last nights: £380
(There are possibilities for accommodation in other hotels in Tafraout.)



Booking and Payment

A deposit of £100 secures your place. The balance is payable by 3 January.

Please read these notes on How to Pay.

Before you book,  please send me an email to check there is still a place, and, if you have not worked with me before, what (if any) experience you have with Feldenkrais.



The course will be run in the Hotel Les Amandiers in Tafraout.

At this time of year the almond trees are all in blossom, and there is good sunshine (expect daytime temperatures in the mid-teens - possibly up to 20º). It’s cooler at night.

Saturdays are travel days. Airport transfers are not included, but we will arrange shared minibuses when possible. The easiest airport is Agadir. Transfers from here take about two and a half hours, and depending on numbers could cost around £50 each way.

The beautiful locally-made carpets will be available to work on. so there’s no need to bring a mat, unless you prefer to.

It looks like the best flights arrive at Agadir at about 18.00 on Saturday. We'll start Feldenkrais classes at 10 am on Sunday, and have dinner together on Sunday evening.

Classes will be 10 am - 1 pm and 5 pm - 6 or 7 pm every day except Tuesday, which will be free for a trip, or to explore more locally.

We will have dinner together on Friday, our last evening, and the second Saturday is a travelling day.

There are lunch and dinner options at the hotel and at other places in the town. Check out the web site for info:












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