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Individual sessions in Bath and Bristol


I offer Functional Integration sessions in Bath most Wednesdays, and in Bristol most Mondays.

These are good if you’re working with something particular, and can be useful as a one-off or as a series.

Many people come for a session once a month as a way of keeping in touch with what’s happening for them, allowing the work to build and support their lives. Others come weekly to establish new ways of working when old habits have become ingrained and unhelpful. One other aspect is often forgotten - the possibility of working with something you do well, and making it even better.

I work with people of all ages and abilities.

In Bath these sessions are currently at:
New Oriel Hall
Brookleaze Buildings
Larkhall, Bath,

The Bristol sessions take place in Ashley Down, Bristol BS7.
Flat access apart from one doorstep.

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