Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Practitioners

New Oriel Hall, Bath BA1 6RA

Saturday 3 February

10 - 5pm  

Lifting the Head

We’ll be looking at lifting the head: how to best organise ourselves to make it easy, how the thinking makes the connection of head to pelvis easier, and ways round if it’s not a good idea.

We will also include time for reflection on your current practice, and thoughts about how you would like it to develop over the next few months.

This is open to fully-qualified practitioners and fourth-year students. Students may need to check with their Educational Director before enrolling.

Venue: The Main Hall, New Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath BA1 6RA

Free parking here (in the surrounding streets is best – the car park has a 2-hour limit).
The venue is a 30 minute walk from Bath Spa station.
There are buses to Larkhall from the Bus Station.

Cost: £65. Please send £30 deposit (ask me for my bank details if necessary).

Booking: Send me an email at

Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Practitioners

Hebden Therapy Centre, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire


2nd and 3rd March

Saturday and Sunday

10 am - 4.30 pm  

FI - is there a plan?

As Moshe said in San Francisco:

“Your direction does not come because you order, because you control the person.

Only you convey [to] him a change that he will make in himself, and that’s why it’s not teaching. We present him with an opportunity of learning what he didn’t learn before.”

(San Francisco 1975 Week one)

How to do that? How do we identify the change the person needs to make, and then create the opportunity for them to learn?

We will discuss and develop our understanding of a plan for FI.

First, we’ll get clearer about what we do – how do we use our knowledge and observation to decide? How do we use the information we are given?

And then – what already works well for us and what could we develop to be more successful?

The days will include ATM and FI, and there will be time to discuss our practices.

Some tables are available but if you can bring one please let Caroline know.

Cost: £150

Hebden Therapy Centre
9, Wragley House
Valley Road
Hebden Bridge

contact Caroline Scott: