weekly classes
(now online)

All change! Classes now live online. See below.

You remember how to know, from internal feedback, where you are, and how you’re moving.

You learn to use the feedback from your movement to improve what you do.

You develop awareness of what you’re actually doing, rather than putting your attention on what you want to do.


All change! Weekly classes now live online. See below.

I’m currently teaching regular live online classes

Tuesday at 2.30 pm
Thursday at 10.30 am
Thursday at 6 pm

Normal classes in Bristol and Bath will resume as soon as possible.

You remember how to know, from internal feedback, where you are, and how you’re moving.

You learn to use the feedback from your movement to improve what you do.

You develop awareness of what you’re actually doing, rather than putting your attention on what you want to do.


Weekly Online Classes

£10 per class
online payment below

Free rate
(if your finances have been seriously hit)
Book below using the code FREE

Classes last an hour.

6 classes for £50

Book and pay for 6 classes for £50.

Pay by direct Bank Transfer – ask me for details. Tell me the date of the first class, and come to that class and the next five, at the same time on the same day.

No further admin needed! If you miss a class, it’s gone. But you can change the time you come within the week. Just book yourself in (online) to the different class you’re coming to, with the code TR.

You’ll need a clear floor space with enough room to lie with your arms out to the sides or above your head.

Please wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.

Dress for warmth.

Keep pets and children out of the room if you can – they’ll want to come and lie on you!

Once you’ve logged in and you’re in the class, position your computer or phone so that I can see you working.

I’ll be there 15 minutes before the class starts, so we’ll have time to chat if you log in early.

"This organic learning is slow, and unconcerned with any judgment as to achievement of good or bad results. It has no obvious purpose or goal. It is guided only by the sensation of satisfaction when each attempt feels less awkward as the result of avoiding a former minor error which felt unpleasant or difficult. . ."

Moshe Feldenkrais in "The Elusive Obvious"

Booking for live online classes

You can book and pay here, using the Acuity system, with a debit or credit card, or via PayPal.

Booking an online class

£10 per class
Click on ‘book an online class’ below
Click on ‘book a live online ATM class’ in the drop-down
then click on the date you’re booking for.
This will take you through to payment.

To join a class for free
Click the discount code button and enter FREE.
You won’t be charged. Just use the Zoom codes below.

If you have paid directly by bank transfer in the past, please continue to do that, with the same details. Then when booking online classes, click the discount button and use the code TR  –  you won’t be charged again.

Please click on the long link, then use the Meeting ID and password when prompted.

Tuesday 2.30 pm class


Meeting ID: 859 6885 4668
Password: 242815

Thursday 10.30 am class


Meeting ID: 821 6156 5297
Password: 143323

Thursday 6 pm class


Meeting ID: 581 071 690
Password: 092557

• Find the long link, the Meeting ID (9 numbers) and the password (6 numbers) for the class you’re joining (above).

• Click on the link to go to the Zoom website, which will ask you to download the Zoom application.

• Click ‘download and run Zoom’.

• When the application (.pkg) has downloaded, click to install it. It will ask for permission to access your camera and microphone. Say yes.

• Open the application and click ‘join meeting’.

• Enter the meeting ID and the password when asked.

You may have to wait for me to admit you to the room.

When you’re in, you should see the meeting screen. If everything is working, I can see you, and you can see me.

I’ll be there 15 minutes before the class starts.

A wide range of people

comes to these classes – from those working with a specific difficulty, like a shoulder problem, or back pain, to those wishing to improve their performance in a number of fields, from walking better to dancing or acting.  

Ages vary – from eleven to over eighty years old (not in every class!) but generally adults.

Everyone is welcome

We usually work lying on the floor – so being able to get down and back up is a starting point. Generally, if you can lie on the floor to work, the class will be suitable for you.

If that’s a problem, individual Functional Integration lessons may help.

If you're a beginner

it’s good to let me know you’re coming.

Before you come, please discuss with me any special requirements or concerns you may have.

It’s always an option to try one class to see what it’s like.

This is how it’s done!

One of the roots of Feldenkrais is the developmental work we did as children – otherwise known as play.


When normal life resumes...

Weekly classes in Bristol

Thursday mornings
10.30 – 11.30

Monthly two-hour

Monday afternoons
3.30 – 5.30

both at:
Friends Meeting House
126 Hampton Road
BS6 6JE.

When normal life resumes...

Weekly classes in Bath

Wednesday evenings
5pm – 6pm


The Dojo
The Stoneyard
Old Orchard
Bath BA1 5AX

When normal life resumes...

Monthly mini-workshops

Two-hour workshops exploring a particular theme.

Monday afternoons 3.30 – 5.30
at the Friends Meeting House.

See below for dates and themes.

These are a good way to work in more depth, and you can come to one, some or all.

The titles give the focus, but all kinds of benefits can be found, depending on your existing habits of movement.

When normal life resumes...


Booked and paid one week in advance £15
(concession £11)
Otherwise £20 (concession £14)

If you would like to pay for 2 or 3 sessions in advance you can pay at the early booking rate – even if you are booking late for the first one.

2 classes £30 concession £22)
3 classes £45 (concession £33)

online payment below

Last-minute places should be available (£20) – turn up and pay on the day.