Feldenkrais Holiday Workshops

These workshops offer a rare opportunity to delve deeply into your sense of self – a way to understand your habits of organization, and appreciate how varied your options really are.

The process can be all-absorbing – the location and format are designed to support this.

You will find most benefit if you completely clear this time, and give yourself the freedom to do more or less as you wish.

The holiday element gives you time to explore and integrate your changes away from your normal routine.

The courses are held in beautiful settings, and there is a wide range of local accommodation. You can choose to make your time a quiet retreat or a more indulgent holiday.

They are suitable for newcomers to feldenkrais as well as experienced practitioners. Age and fitness are not important.


Holiday Workshops 2022

Take a Breath

Finding flexible and
responsive breathing

St Ives, Cornwall
30 April - 7 May

Summer School

Know Your Back

Newlyn (Penzance) Cornwall
23 - 28 June

Walking on Air

effortless everyday

Dartmoor, Devon
20 - 27 August