Weekend Workshops

July 9 and 10  2022


Balance and Articulation

Weekend Workshops

July 9 and 10  2022
Balance and Articulation

Balance and Articulation

There are so many ways we can improve balance. The basic aspect of feldenkrais – knowing clearly where we are in space – is one. Another is having the skill to respond to the changing pattern of uprightness. As we breathe, as we walk on rough ground, as we turn, we have to change how we stay upright. And this change depends on our ability to articulate.

For example, some people keep balance more easily turning right rather than left – this is about their understanding of their uprightness varying as they change posture.

We are all aware of how flexibility in the ankles helps maintain our support as we move. But this happens with back-up from the joints throughout the skeleton. And not least from the spine, which has the potential to enable us to hold up the head in all kinds of different angles. Joints which habitually limit their articulation, limit the ability to maintain balance.

You may have experienced how an injury in one part initially leads to a kind of awkwardness, a lack of lightness on the feet, even when it is in, say, the arm, and shouldn’t obviously affect balance. This shows us how interconnected all the parts of the skeleton are. We can soon adjust, but an injury calls into question, albeit briefly, how we maintain balance.

In this workshop we will have the chance to explore and improve how our personal modes of articulation improve balance.


The Dojo, Stillpoint
The Stoneyard, Old Orchard
Bath BA1 5AX

Class times

10.00 am – 4.30 pm Saturday 9 July
10.00 am – 4.00 pm Sunday 10 July
(lunchbreak is longer on the Saturday, so class time is the same on both days)


£130 Saturday and Sunday
£70 one day only (Saturday or Sunday)

Booking and Payment

Before you book, please send me an email to check there is still a place, and to let me know, if you have not worked with me before, what (if any) experience you have with Feldenkrais.

Please also read these notes on how to pay.

Getting there

The workshop will be in the Dojo, at:
Stillpoint, The Stoneyard, Old Orchard, Bath BA1 5AX

It’s not an obvious address – one year a few people got lost – so there’s a map and some notes below.


There is no parking at the Dojo (although you can drop people and kit off there).

I recommend using Park and Ride.

Another option is to park in St Saviours Road, Larkhall BA1 6RT (no restrictions) on the Eastern edge of Bath. Walk along the A4 London Road (20 mins) or if you have time, along the canal (adds about 10 mins – come off the path at Sydney Gardens)  to Walcot Street.



Sometimes the gates at the bottom of Old Orchard are shut on Sundays. If so, walk back up Old Orchard, turn left and then left again into Beehive Yard. There is a pedestrian gate, with a keypad lock (ask me for the code on Saturday). Go through the gate and continue on down to the Dojo.

Walking to Stillpoint

Stillpoint is about 10 minute’s walk from Bath Abbey in the centre of the city.

Walk up Walcot Street (past Waitrose), and Old Orchard is a small lane down to the right.

At the bottom, turn left, following the sign to the Dojo, which is up the steps.

Add another 10 minutes if you’re coming from the train station or the bus station.

Turning into Old Orchard from Walcot Street, Bath
Turning from Walcot Street into Old Orchard

The Art of Being in Motion

Branscombe / Beer East Devon

Next collaborative workshop in planning.
Dates to be arranged.

A collaborative weekend workshop
with Helen Poynor & Shelagh O’Neill

Friday 3.00 pm – Sunday 5.15pm
£150 (£120 concession)

Continuing my dynamic collaboration with movement artist and teacher Helen Poynor – interweaving Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons with non-stylised movement explorations.

This is a chance to delve deeper and expand the horizons of your movement practice.

The Friday afternoon will be spent inside exploring the interconnection between the two approaches. The next two days will combine studio practice and moving in response to the changing shoreline and in woodlands.

Two experienced practitioners for the price of one!

For more about Helen’s work, see www.walkoflife.co.uk/helen.htm

For availability and booking, contact Helen on 01297 680155