Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops

28 – 29 July

13 – 14 October

Mind Your Back

Bath 28 - 29 July

Many of us suffer from back pain at some time in our lives.

Movement is generally the recommended way forward.

In this workshop we’ll investigate the various possibilities in the back, and pay attention to how much movement is enough.

We will also cover different easy movements that you can use at home to generate more movement, and use as a resource in times of trouble.

Finding Your Feet

Bath 13 - 14 October

Stability in an unstable world

Do you sometimes feel unsteady on your feet? Is the process of getting from lying to standing more difficult than it could be? Is there a wider sense of not quite knowing where your support is right now?

This workshop focuses on the process of getting on to our feet. We’ll explore moving from lying to standing in various ways. And we’ll pay attention to finding support through the skeleton, so that the head is fully supported, whether on two feet or one.

Standing can be simple and stable if we use the skeleton and the ground efficiently. This can lead to a more secure sense of self as we interact with the world.


The Dojo, Stillpoint
The Stoneyard, Old Orchard
Bath BA1 5AX

Class times

10.00 am – 4.30 pm Saturday
10.00 am – 4.00 pm Sunday


£120 Saturday and Sunday
£60 one day only (Saturday or Sunday)

Booking and Payment

Before you book, please send me an email to check there is still a place, and to let me know, if you have not worked with me before, what (if any) experience you have with Feldenkrais.

Please also read these notes on how to pay.

We’ll be working in the Dojo, at Stillpoint, The Stoneyard, Old Orchard, Bath BA1 5AX
It’s not an obvious address – one year a few people got lost – so here’s a map and some notes:

Walking to Stillpoint

Stillpoint is about 10 minute’s walk from Bath Abbey in the centre of the city.

Walk up Walcot Street (past Waitrose), and Old Orchard is a small lane down to the right.

At the bottom, turn left, following the sign to the Dojo, which is up the steps.

Add another 10 minutes if you’re coming from the train station or the bus station.

Turning into Old Orchard from Walcot Street, Bath
Turning from Walcot Street into Old Orchard