Weekend Workshops

A Place for Your Head
30 November – 1 December

Weekend Workshops

A Place for Your Head
30 November - 1 December

A Place for Your Head

Your head weighs something like 8 to 12 pounds. If you hold something that weighs that much (say a vacuum cleaner) close to your spine, it’s relatively easy. If you hold it out in front of you, it takes much more effort – and it’s harder to stay upright.

So if you can find a comfortable balance for your head you have much less work to do. And if that balance is free and dynamic your head can turn easily, your senses are more responsive, and the feedback systems that let you orientate yourself are more accurate.

In this Awareness Through Movement workshop we will refine our awareness of the relationship of the head to the pelvis and the spine, and find ways to create that crucial support.

The result of this new organisation can be a renewed sense of lightness and alertness, and free and easy movement.


The Dojo, Stillpoint
The Stoneyard, Old Orchard
Bath BA1 5AX

Class times

10.00 am – 4.30 pm Saturday 30 November
10.00 am – 4.00 pm Sunday 1 December


£120 Saturday and Sunday
£60 one day only (Saturday or Sunday)

Booking and Payment

Before you book, please send me an email to check there is still a place, and to let me know, if you have not worked with me before, what (if any) experience you have with Feldenkrais.

Please also read these notes on how to pay.

The workshop will be in the Dojo, at:
Stillpoint, The Stoneyard, Old Orchard, Bath BA1 5AX

It’s not an obvious address – one year a few people got lost – so here’s a map and some notes:

Walking to Stillpoint

Stillpoint is about 10 minute’s walk from Bath Abbey in the centre of the city.

Walk up Walcot Street (past Waitrose), and Old Orchard is a small lane down to the right.

At the bottom, turn left, following the sign to the Dojo, which is up the steps.

Add another 10 minutes if you’re coming from the train station or the bus station.

Turning into Old Orchard from Walcot Street, Bath
Turning from Walcot Street into Old Orchard